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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Review: The Black Knight by Connie Mason

5 Stars
The Black Knight
Author: Connie Mason
Read Count: 3
Pages: 390
As I said before in the shorter comments on the book, this was my very first historical book, the book that really drew me into the whole historical genre. 

In this book we have Drake also known throughout the lands as 'The Black Knight' as no one knows his real identity, until he goes to Chirk Castle, until he goes home. And we have Raven of Chirk, the little annoying little girl who ruined his life, who has now turned into the beautiful and desirable woman.

In short: Raven is being married off to an evil man, Drakes half-brother no less, who also married Ravens sister but has always desired her. Raven begs Drake to take her to her aunts..he says no. In a turn of extraordinarily blindsiding events he does take her away from Waldo but not to her aunts to his castle.
From here things start going south for them (like they hadn't been already.)
Waldo being the evil arse he is, is determined to have Raven, and when he searches at her aunts and doesn't find her, he realizes Drake has taken her. 

Now I wont tell you anymore as that would give too much way. I found this book very exciting, sad, and passionate, because even though he started out hating Raven he couldn't resist her, and put his own life on the line to protect her, 'as any good knight would do'.
This book is a definite must read for a Connie Mason fan and any fan of the historical romance genre!


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