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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Interview + Giveaway with Adam Pepper!

Adam Pepper is author of Memoria, Symphony of Blood, A Hank Mondale Supernatural Case and two other tittles.

HP: Hi Adam! Would you care to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Adam Pepper: I’ve circled the periphery of the publishing business for about a decade. I’ve had two agents, written five novels and accumulated hundreds of rejections but failed to land a mass market deal. I have had success in the small press and built a loyal grassroots following for my gritty and offbeat style.

HP: Can you tell us how you became interested and when you started writing?

Adam Pepper: It may sound a bit flighty, but in 1994 I read two books in succession, Clive Barker’s Imajica and The Last Exit To Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, Jr. I had an epiphany! I felt if I could combine the creative brilliance of Barker with the raw power of Selby in a novel, I’d be a success. I’ve been trying to do it ever since.

HP: You published your first novel in 2003 called Memoria. I couldn’t find a description for this novel anywhere; would you mind telling us what it is about and how you came up with the name; does it reflect on anything the novel is about?

Adam Pepper: Memoria is a land where humans are trapped with their worst memories while their body continues on Earth without them. I had an agent who shopped Memoria around but we found no takers. I wound up publishing it with a small press out of Anaheim called Medium Rare Books. They’re out of business now so the book is out of print.

HP: You have just published your first novel since 2009 when you published, Super Fetus. Very interesting name and cover for this novel. Would you mind delving into the plot a little for us?

Adam Pepper: Super Fetus centers on a fetus who refuses to be aborted. His white trash mother wants him dead, but he isn’t going quietly. It’s an off-the-wall dark humor piece put out by Bizarro publisher Eraserhead Press. Of all my work, it always seems to get a reaction. It’s intentionally inflammatory, but there’s no political or religious connotation attached to it.

HP: Your new novel is called, Symphony of Blood, A Hank Mondale Supernatural Case and was published in June this year. From the description it definitely sounds like something I would want to read. Can you tell us a little bit about it and your character, Hank Mondale?

Adam Pepper: Symphony is the story of Hank Mondale, a hard-up PI whose plush case of protecting a rich spoiled brat escalates into an encounter with a man-eating monster. Hank is a bit of a sad sack, but his heart is in the right place...most of the time. He’s a lovable loser with a nose for trouble.

HP: What was your inspiration for it?

Adam Pepper: Well, after Memoria and Super Fetus, I was looking for a more commercial vehicle. I wanted to land a deal with a big publisher and follow my dreams. Again I found an agent to represent me, but again it didn’t lead to my dreams being fulfilled.

HP: Was Memoria the first novel you ever wrote or just the first published?

Adam Pepper: Memoria was both my first novel written and published. It’s a bit like looking at a 7th grade photo. Kind of embarrassing but it had potential. The ideas were good but the execution wasn’t what it could have been if I’d had the right editor to believe in me at the time.

HP: What is your writing processes and which comes first for you, the characters or the plot?

Adam Pepper: I’m an idea-driven guy. I come up with concepts and then sketch them as best I can. Then I develop plot and characters pretty much simultaneously.

HP: You have an anthology called, Waiting For October. It is and I quote from the description: “…12 new tales and rare reprints by four of horror's most evocative authors: Adam Pepper, Sarah Pinborough, Jeff Strand and Jeffrey Thomas.” Can you tell us a little about the anthology and the authors who contributed to it?

Adam Pepper: Dark Arts Books put it out, and they have a “sampler” concept where they put four somewhat different authors together in hopes that the audiences cross-pollinate. Sarah Pinborough is one of the most talented fantasists working today. Jeff Strand is an absolute nutball, and I say so affectionately. He combines horror and humor in the best of ways. Jeffrey Thomas has been around for years and never quite gets his due. If you like cerebral literary horror you should definitely seek out his work.

HP: Why horror and speculative fiction?

Adam Pepper: I don’t consider myself strictly a horror author, but everything I do has a dark and cynical slant. That’s the worldview I bring to my fiction. I’ve always been attracted to bleak and gritty plots filled with disenchanted and alienated characters. I’m a fan of the underdog, of the underestimated and underappreciated. That’s just me.

HP: Why did you decide to self-publish? Can you tell us a little about your experiences with trying to get published as well as self-publishing?

Adam Pepper: I come from the old school. I always thought self publishing was for wannabes that didn’t have the talent to make it. It took a long time to get over those hang ups and take my career in my own hands. But with the rapid changes in the industry, I’ve come to believe authors no longer need a publisher to succeed. What they need is an audience. The internet and digital technology are quickly leveling the playing field. I’m connecting directly with an audience on my own terms. After years of struggling and working so hard for a dream that was ultimately out of my control, I can’t tell you how great that feels.

HP: Are you working on anything at the moment; can we expect another book from you in the future?

Adam Pepper: I am working on a Hank Mondale sequel, perhaps we’ll see that early next year. But next up for me is a brutal crime novel with a traditional love story, think Reservoir Dogs meets Romeo and Juliet. I hope to have that out in a few months.

HP: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Adam Pepper: Thanks for your support! Authors love to hear from loyal readers and we depend on you, not just to buy our work but to tell your friends about us. If you enjoy an author, review them on Amazon. Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter. These things help immensely. Word of mouth is so much more powerful than advertising.

HP: Are you reading anything interesting at the moment, if so what?

Adam Pepper: Paul Auster’s Man in the Dark really moved me. Blake Crouch’s Run was a fast-moving read I tore through in two sittings. And Chuck Pallaniuk’s Snuff was hysterical; I hear there’s a movie in the works and I can’t wait to see how they handle that one!

HP: Thanks so much for this interview, Adam!

Adam Pepper: Thank you, Holly. I really appreciate the interest and support.

"At times disturbing and grim, others raunchy and comical, Adam Pepper’s work is known for a unique blend of horror, suspense and speculative fiction.  MEMORIA, Adam’s debut novel, reached #1 on the Dark Delicacies Best Seller list and received rave reviews from Cemetery Dance and Chronicle.  “Super Fetus,” his outrageous Bizarro novella was called “In-your-face, allegorical social commentary” by esteemed reviewer, Paul Goat Allen.  His quick-hitting short work has appeared in genre magazines including THE BEST OF HORRORFIND, Vol. 2 and SPACE AND TIME.  Adam’s non-fiction credits span from NEW WOMAN MAGAZINE to THE JOURNAL NEWS."

You can find Adam Pepper at:

Adam Pepper has offered to giveaway an eBook copy of his novel Symphony of Blood, A Hank Mondale Supernatural Case to one (1) winner!!

Book Description:

"Hank Mondale, a rough-around-the-edges P.I. with a small drinking problem and a large gambling problem, needs a break. With his landlord threatening eviction and his bookie threatening worse, things look bleak. Until real estate mogul Thomas Blake calls with an incredible story: a monster is trying to kill his daughter. Hank figures she's probably some whacked-out spoiled brat, but desperate, Hank takes the case to track down the supposed monster. It seems that people around Mackenzie Blake are disappearing. It's obviously no coincidence. Was Hank hired to unwittingly aid a wealthy murderess? Or is there really someone...or some thing, trying to kill Mackenzie Blake?

A symphony plays that only It can hear. But there will be a special performance, just for her.

Symphony of Blood hits like a sledgehammer. Fast and furious. I loved this book.
  -JA Konrath, author of Whiskey Sour

A frightening fresh voice with an intensity that will forever alter the color and texture of your dreams.
  -Joseph B. Mauceri,"

Giveaway Details:
  • Giveaway is open to US & Canada & International
  • Giveaway will run from September 1st 2011 - September 15th 2011
  • The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on September 16th 2011
  • The winner will have 48 hours to contact back before another winner will be chosen.
  • One entry per-person please! Duplicated or more than one entry’s will be deleted!
  • If you enter, you are acknowledging that you read and accept the giveaway/contest policy.
  • Giveaway is provided by the author. 

To Enter:
  • Leave your name and email address to contact you if you win in the comment section below.


  1. I'm having a little trouble here picking myself up off the floor today after reading about Super Fetus LOL, my friend you are a hoot! I would certainly love to get to know Hank and his world and I thank you for sharing about him today and for the fun giveaway opportunity.


  2. Hello, love your Blog!

  3. Great interview, I would love the chance to win.


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