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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Epic Journey of Romance Writing by Nancy Brophy

Please everyone help me welcome author, Nancy Brophy!!

When I first announced to my family that I was writing fiction, they were thrilled. But when I added the words ‘romance novels’ my brother asked incredulously, “You’re writing bodice rippers?” And while the rest of my family did not second his opinion publicly, privately they may have thought it.

The phrase, bodice ripper just won’t die. When I hear it, the one thing I know for sure is the person using it hasn’t read a romance novel - ever. Today’s novels are not the ones your mother read. And the major difference is the heroine.

We still have historicals, although the pirate book has lost favor. But one day someone will write a good pirate story and suddenly they’ll be hot again. But we will never go back to the virgin heroine whose first encounter with sex was to lose the ‘no, no, no’ fight. A woman portrayed as a victim of men, society and Puritanism.

How did those novels ever gain acceptance? I think it was two things. One was a backlash reaction to the free love generation of the late 60’s and early 70’s. The paradigm shift from ‘you can touch my left breast, but not my right’ morality to ‘sex is great with whomever you want anytime you want’ was more difficult for a lot of women than reported. And the second was that as authors writing about sex we utilize knowledge from our own histories. If the writers were at least thirty years of age, their experience came from an earlier time. A time when pre-marital relationship were okay if the woman didn’t really consent.
Women have changed. On television, we’ve gone from June Cleaver, housewife with pearls, to working single gal, Mary Tyler Moore. Claire Huxtable was a mother and a lawyer, married to a doctor (how proud her parents must have been) to Carrie Bradshaw a sex columnist (what do you suppose her parents thought?).

In real life we gone from Eleanor Roosevelt to Jacqueline Kennedy. From Margaret Thatcher to Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin.

Romance novels have kept pace with the times. The new heroine is never a victim and she doesn’t need a man to save her. In fact a lot of times a man is in her way. These women are tough. They’re raising kids on their own. They work, some own businesses. Many have impressive kick-ass skills. Every one of them has attitude and spirit.

Men have to work harder now because their duties have morphed from meal ticket and protector to partner, lover and friend.

Many of today’s authors have had previous careers as lawyers or medical researchers or scientists. As women have grown and changed so has the industry, offering sub-genres from the supernatural to the assassin. From historical to futurist. From erotic to religious. And everything in between.

And yet we still have romance novels. In fact the percentage of their market share has increased. Maybe because it is escapist literature. Maybe because we all need something that has a guaranteed happy ending. Or maybe because through it all, love endures.

Either way, I’m proud to be romance writer. And if anyone asks, my brother can now claim to have read more than one romance novel and he never uses the words ‘bodice ripper’.

I read my first romance in 2001 - on a plane on a flight from Asia. At the time, I'd finished one story and was in the middle of writing another which will forever remain unfinished under my bed.

The story I read was by Nora Roberts. Before the plane landed in San Francisco, I finished the book and turned to my husband to say, "I could have written this."

Of course that was wrong. I failed to recognize that as Nathaniel Hawthorne said, "Easy reading is damn hard writing."

Two years later I joined
Romance Writers of America and my local chapter, Rose City Romance Writers and began an uphill climb to learn craft. I have since come to truly appreciate Nora's ability to form art within art and make it all look damn easy.

I've also learned I will never be Nora because I have a different voice, a different sense of humor and a different story to tell.

Writing is a lonely profession full of small victories and larger defeats. Were it not for my fellow Roses I would never have found a way to express my voice and get my stories out.

My books are dedicated to those who believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.

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