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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Interview & Giveaway with Tina Folsom!

Tina Folsom is author of 13 titles such as Venice Vampyr, Samson's Lovely Mortal, A Touch of Greek and her latest book release, A Scent of Greek the second novel in her Out of Olympus series.

Holly: Hi, Tina! Would you care to tell us a bit about yourself?

Tina Folsom: I’ve been writing romance since the fall of 2008. In 2010 I gave up my day job and started writing full time and I haven’t looked back. It was the best decision I ever made.

Holly: From what I gather you moved around a lot before you settled; but you are originally from Germany. I have to ask do you speak and German also do you ever think about going back or maybe even to England where you immigrated to in 1991?

Tina Folsom: Not a chance. I’m very settled here in the US. My husband is American, though he has a German mother and speaks some German. I can’t imagine living in Germany again. My husband always says that I’m pretty Yanky-Doodle, and there’s no way I could ever fit into German society again. Besides, I love San Francisco and California and the fact that I don’t have to deal with winters here. However, I do love visiting Europe every chance I get, and now that my husband has more time, we’ll probably go back once a year.

Holly: Having lived in various places that must give you a wide variety of characters and ideas for you novels; can you tell us where you got your inspiration for your first paranormal novel?

Tina Folsom: It certainly helps to have lived in many different countries and met such a vast variety of people. I often picture somebody I know from my past and fashion a character for one of my books from that arsenal. As for the inspiration for my first paranormal novel? I’ve always loved writing, and I’ve always loved vampires, not the Nosferatu kind though, more like Anne Rice’s vampires. I started reading vampire romances and it resonated with me. I didn’t always find the novels sexy enough, so I decided to write my own.

Holly: Had you ever tried to write in another genre and get published before you started self-publishing?

Tina Folsom: Actually, yes to both. I tried mystery before, but failed miserably. I’m just not smart enough to come up with some plot that hasn’t been done a thousand times. And I tried to get published traditionally, but only got rejections for my romances: my vampires weren’t dark enough, my Greek gods not well known enough, etc., you get the idea.

Holly: Can you tell us a little bit about your steamy novel Samson's Lovely Mortal and the world you have created in this series?

Tina Folsom: Samson is a vampire and the owner of a bodyguard company, and unfortunately he’s got ED, poor chap! It’s all psychological, of course. But not even his shrink can help him. Enter Delilah, auditor extraordinary, and Samson drools all over her. Suddenly everything is working just fine.

There is of course a large cast of supporting characters, all hunky, hot vampires who will all in turn find the love of their lives.

Holly: The fifth book in the Scanguards Vampires series is set to come out this December, only a few months away. Are you excited, maybe nervous, to see what your readers will think of the next novel in the Scanguards Vampires series? On Goodreads it says this novel is going to be Zane’s story?

Tina Folsom: Yes, it’s going to be Zane’s story. Sorry, I haven’t decided on a title yet. I’m about 80% done with the first draft, and it’s going well. I am nervous though. So many readers are already waiting for Zane, and I don’t want to disappoint them. He’s a very complex character, very violent and with a (you guessed) tortured past. In previous novels I have already alluded to some of his origin, but I don’t want to give anything away. Just be prepared, there will be some very violent scenes in his book, and one scene in particular is a tearjerker. Whenever I read over it, I’m balling like a baby. The book also has some significance for my own family’s past, and when you read the dedication at the end of the book, you’ll see what I mean.

Holly: Your Venice Vampyr series that has three books so far. Do you plan to write more in this series?

Tina Folsom: I’ve actually already plotted out Nico’s story, and I’m hoping to make it longer than the others, most likely about twice the length of the first novella. No date yet as to when I can start writing it, but I’m looking forward to it. The Venice Vampyr novellas are deliciously debauched, and I don’t have to hold back with them.

Holly: These books are all set around Venice, early 1800s vampires and plenty of sex scenes for us erotica lovers! I have to ask how you came up with the idea of a book/series set in that time and place?

Tina Folsom: I always loved Venice, and in 2010, my husband and I went back there to spend three days in the island city. I thought it would make a wonderful backdrop for vampires, so I started writing the first novella during our trip and published it about a month later.

Holly: A Touch of Greek was your first paranormal erotic novel in the series Out of Olympus. How did you come up with this series and your two characters Sophia and Greek God Triton?

Tina Folsom: I love Greek mythology. If people really look, they’ll see it’s all around us. Many books and movies are based on Greek mythology. But when I tried to find some Greek God romances, I only found a handful of books, and most weren’t particularly good. So, I decided to write my own. I have a couple of Greek mythology books and looked through them to find a Greek god who wasn’t that well known to the modern world, so that I wouldn’t get all those purists telling me, well, Triton didn’t do that, and he didn’t do this, etc. I wanted some freedom in what kind of story I could spin around him. Sophia was a natural choice, strong yet vulnerable because of her blindness.

Holly: In the second novel A Scent of Greek, we have Dionysus and Ariadne’s story. What with Dionysus being the god of wine and ecstasy is sure to make things interesting especially with a case of amnesia. :)  Can you give us a little more in-depth description? Maybe even an excerpt? :)

Tina Folsom: Here’s the description: When the god of wine and ecstasy, Dionysus, callously dumps his latest conquest, the mortal Ariadne, the goddess Hera has had enough. She robs Dionysus of his memory to teach him a lesson in humility.

Ariadne is deeply hurt after Dionysus dismisses their night of passion as "just sex" and doesn't want to see her anymore. When she finds him bloodied and beaten and suffering from amnesia, she quickly forms a plan to get back at him. As she pretends to be his fiancée, Ariadne makes Dionysus believe he loves her. But the longer the charade continues, the more difficult it becomes to really see who teaches whom a lesson.

And what if Dionysus gains his memory back? Will there be hell to pay for her deception, or can a mortal woman truly win a god's love?

As you can imagine, it’s hilarious when Dio has to work as a waiter or goes to an AA meeting because Ariadne claims he has a drinking problem.

And here’s a little excerpt:
“Do you want to check on whether I put the cases in the right place?” Dio asked, a plan already forming in his mind.
“Yes, let me make sure I can find them later.”
He followed her into the storeroom and quietly closed the door behind them. He didn’t need an audience. As she walked between the aisles toward the far wall of the room, Dio admired the seductive sway of her hips and the elegant curve of her legs. He knew exactly what he wanted her to do with those long legs. They looked strong and well-toned, and he could fairly feel them wrapping around his hips as he thrust into her.
Despite the coolness in the room, a thin layer of perspiration built on Dio’s forehead and neck. His heart raced and pumped blood to his cock in anticipation of what his brain was planning.
Ariadne stopped in front of the cases and perused them. Dio approached from behind and placed one hand to the side of her shoulder, touching the box behind her. “Did I do all right?” He purposefully lowered his voice, allowing it to sound more seductive than he’d ever spoken to her.
“Y-yes. It’s fine.” Her voice stuttered slightly, attesting to the fact that she was aware of his nearness and maybe even his intention.
“Tell me, baby, have we ever kissed in here?” He placed his hand on her shoulder and turned her to face him.
“N-no.” Her eyes were downcast as if she couldn’t meet his gaze, too afraid of what she’d see: the lust that was boiling over.
He shelved her chin on his palm and tilted her face up. “Why not?”
“We … we … I don’t know.” Her eyes skidded past him as if searching for an escape. There would be none.
“We’ll have to remedy that.” Without haste, he dropped his head to hers. “We do kiss, don’t we?”
He felt a surge of power at her answer. “Good. Because I have the feeling that I like kissing you. And I’m a little starved for a kiss right now.” Then he crossed the remaining distance between them and brushed his lips to hers in a feather-light touch.
Her breath hitched at the contact, confirming that she was physically attracted to him. He would use this knowledge to free her from the stupid notion of practicing abstinence. In a few minutes, he’d have her panting for release.
Dio slid his hand to the back of her neck and slanted his head, sliding his lips over hers once more. His thigh brushed against her hip, the contact sending a flame of white heat through his groin. Of its own volition, his other thigh nudged between her legs to press against her center.
A sigh escaped her mouth and bounced against his lips. He parted his lips to drink in her scent before pulling her upper lip into his mouth. Slowly, he slid his tongue over the soft flesh and felt her tremble in response.
“Easy, baby,” he cooed and repeated his action.
When Ariadne parted her lips a moment later to take in a breath, Dio pressed his lips against her and allowed his tongue to glide into her. First slowly and with measured strokes, he explored her sweet cavern, tasting, touching, and caressing. An involuntary groan burst from his chest. By the gods, he enjoyed kissing her even more than he thought was humanly possible. As he pressed her against the cases at her back, he intensified his kiss and let all ideas of a slow seduction fly into the wind.
Instead, he captured her, allowing her no reprieve, and issued his demand. With determined strokes, he slid against her tongue, initiating a passionate dance, one she answered without hesitation. This wasn’t the kiss of a woman who didn’t know carnal pleasures. The kiss she shared with him was passionate and all-consuming, and the sounds coming from her body, the soft moans and sighs issued from her chest, were not those of a shy virgin.
Dio ground his hips into her, letting one hand travel down her torso. As he caressed the outside of her breast with his thumb, Ariadne’s arms went around his neck, one hand burying itself in his hair. He relished the feeling of her fingers digging into his scalp to hold him closer to her.
Encouraged by her reaction, he moved his hand over her breast, feeling the outline of her bra. The heat under his palm burned into his skin, but he needed more. Before she had a chance to stop him, had she intended to, he pulled her blouse out of the waistband of her skirt and tunneled underneath it. His fingertips met naked skin, soft and warm.
He moved his hand upwards, connecting with the underwire of her bra before he slid over the gauzy fabric and found the hard peak that had formed there. When his fingers brushed over it, a strangled moan issued from her lips together with a protest. “Stop.”
But the word was so soft and accompanied by a thrust of her hips against his that he couldn’t take the demand seriously. He could already smell her arousal, the sweet scent drifting into his nostrils, turning his entire body into a single-minded machine wanting only one thing: release. 
“Shh, baby,” he whispered against her lips, briefly interrupting the kiss. But a moment later, he was back, taking her lips more fiercely so she wouldn’t be able to think of resistance.
His hand slid under the fabric of her bra and captured the ripe peak. Her flesh was firm and warm and more responsive than he’d dreamed. As he kneaded the globe that fit his hand perfectly, his cock turned into a rod so hard it could have been used as a crowbar. The charges of heat and energy racing through his body made his skin perspire and his heart beat in a frantic rhythm. His breathing was as labored as if he’d been running a Marathon, but he couldn’t let that deter him from his goal. He had to have Ariadne, now, here. No matter what. Standing up, pressed against cases of wine, he’d fuck her until she admitted freely that abstinence had been a silly idea. And then he’d take her home and make love to her properly like a fiancé should.
Dio ripped his mouth from hers at the same time as he gripped the bottom of her blouse and pushed it upwards, exposing one breast. Then he pushed the bra aside, freeing one beautiful tit and dropping his lips to it. Capturing the hard nipple in his mouth, he sucked it.
Ariadne’s head dropped against the cases as she let out a surprised gasp. But he wasn’t about to give her a chance to pull back. As he sucked greedily and teased the nipple with his tongue, his hand went to her thigh. He found the seam of her swinging summer skirt and slid underneath it, moving his hand upwards toward the ultimate prize.
She wore no pantyhose, leaving her thighs bare to his touch. He caressed the soft skin and moved inwards, sliding his hand between her legs, which she so obligingly parted wider. When his fingers connected with her panties, he realized that they were already soaked.
Her nipple popped out of his mouth. “Oh, baby!” Did she want him as much as he wanted her? Dio sucked her breast back into his mouth and slid one finger along the outside of her panties. The heat that greeted him was almost unbearable in its intensity. Once he buried his cock in her, he’d flare up like a single sheet of paper carelessly thrown into the fire, burning out just as quickly.
But not even that knowledge could make him slow down. He was past the moment of no-return, unable to control his urges any longer. Nothing could stop him from making Ariadne his now. Her response to him was unmistakable: she was aroused by his touch and wanted more. He wasn’t going to deny her, and he for sure wasn’t going to deny himself.
Dio pushed her panties lower and slid into them, passing the nest of curls until he felt the warmth and wetness that oozed from her core. His finger rubbed against her moist entrance, then pulled further up to find her clit. He pressed against it with his dew-covered digit and heard her moan. In a few minutes, he’d breach her delicious portal and slide home.
Holly: Which came first for this novel the plot or your two characters? Did you have the novel planned or an idea of it when you were working on the first book?

Tina Folsom: I had some sort of idea when I wrote the first book. It actually came when Triton finds Dionysus bloodied and beaten after a fight. I figured, what if he lost his memory in one of those fights? The idea that Hera would actually rob him of his memory came later when I started writing A Scent of Greek.

Holly: On the description of the first novel at Goodreads it says “….following the romantic adventures of four Gods: Triton, Dionysus, Eros, and Hermes.” I hope I can rightly assume that that means there will be at least two more books—Eros, and Hermes still to come in this series?

Tina Folsom: Definitely. There’ll be at least two more books, and depending on the popularity of the series, I might even add more. We’ll see.

Holly: Do you have any idea when the next Out of Olympus novel might be published?

Tina Folsom: Most likely late in 2012. I have a few other things to finish before.

Holly: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Tina Folsom: Many thanks to all my loyal readers out there. There are lots who buy all my books as soon as they come out. And that’s such a great feeling. Keep emailing me and continue giving me your feedback. It’s a great reward for me.

Holly: If you had to pick a book or series that you have written to live in, which would it be, and why?

Tina Folsom: I would live in the Venice Vampyr series – they are dark, debauched, and who can beat Venice and its great Pallazzos?

Holly: Thank you so much for being here on my blog, Tina!

A native of Germany, Tina Folsom immigrated first to England in 1991 and then to the USA in 1999 where she lived in various large cities before she made San Francisco her permanent home.

While writing has always been her passion, the trained CPA knew she had to get a "real" job first. Due to the popularity of her books, Tina was able to quit her day job in February 2010 and now writes full time.

Tina is a member of the San Francisco Romance Writers of America. She also meets regularly with her two critique partners who write historical and paranormal romance.

You can find Tina at: Her website | Goodreads

Buy her books: Amazon | Smashwords |

A Scent of Greek: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Tina Folsom has graciously offered to giveaway winners choice of either an autographed paperback or a Kindle or ePub copy of A Scent of Greek to one (1) winner!

Book Description:

"When the god of wine and ecstasy, Dionysus, callously dumps his latest conquest, the mortal Ariadne, the goddess Hera has had enough. She robs Dionysus of his memory to teach him a lesson in humility.

Ariadne is deeply hurt after Dionysus dismisses their night of passion as “just sex” and doesn’t want to see her anymore. When she finds him bloodied and beaten and suffering from amnesia, she quickly forms a plan to get back at him. As she pretends to be his fiancée, Ariadne makes Dionysus believe he loves her. But the longer the charade continues, the more difficult it becomes to really see who teaches whom a lesson.

And what if Dionysus gains his memory back? Will there be hell to pay for her deception, or can a mortal woman truly win a god’s love?"

Giveaway Details:
  • Giveaway is open Internationally
  • Giveaway will run from October 6th 2011 - October 20th 2011
  • Giveaway winner will be chosen randomly and announced on October 21st 2011
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