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Saturday, November 12, 2011


To me criticism is kind of like book reviews. Well, reviews on anything really.

All the person is doing is pointing out what he or she likes or dislikes about said book, etc. And some people take criticism really well, they love it so they can learn and shape their work.

There are people who take criticism or bad reviews really bad. As a writer and a reviewer I can see both sides of this. I review books so how can I fault someone for doing the same to my writing or even my blog? And I do like the criticism! How else do I know my readers and followers feelings if they do not let me know what they do and do not like?

Well, I wouldn’t.

But at the same time even if you do love the feedback, it hurts a little part of you even if for just a second before you move on to the realization that it is good.

Again though most get the realization that it is good to get the criticism but some just dwell on the bad, and sink into it and lose hope and the love they had of their blog, book or whatever it is that you was being ‘reviewed’ on. As we have seen this past year; some authors lashing out at reviews for such things.

But at the same time I have seen reviewers out right trash something, way more than just stating their opinions I mean going to extremes of actually talking bad about the author whom wrote the book and worse.

This is something I have been seeing more and more of lately and I know some bloggers, reviewers and authors have touched on it before.

So my question is should the reviewers’ censor themselves or even those who are being reviewed?

My opinion is; neither.

It really is a confusing and controversy topic if you think about it. On one hand I do not think that an author should lash out at a reviewer for a bad review, it is just one review and other readers might not feel the same; readers might even pick the book up to see what it is all about. I know I have before when I found a book with a bad review I wanted to know why the reader thought the things he or she did.

On the other hand I do not think reviewers should be out right mean and trash novels either. I think there should be some semblance of unbiased thought that even though you did not like certain things about the novel other readers might love it for those reasons and I definitely think there should be some professionalism involved when stating your thoughts.

You didn't like the novel; tell what it was exactly you didn't like and why. Don't just state how much you hated the book and list every single reason you didn't like it, why did you not like it for those reasons?

I am not saying that people should censor their opinion, not at all!, but can we not state our feelings without being outright mean and sometimes demeaning?

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