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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I like suspense by Shiela Stewart

Please everyone help me welcome Shiela Stewart! Also stay tuned for the end of the her post where she mentions how to enter for a chance to win one of her Save a Vampire, Donate Blood coffee mugs as well as a sneak peak into her new work Terror Incognito!

I’ve always envied those writers that can scare the pants off of the readers.  You know the ones. They draw you in, slowly tease you while building up to the big kaboom! Stephan King is the best at scaring you, at leading you on a slippery path of mystique and terror. His movies are just as suspenseful. I remember watching Cujo in the theatre with two of my sisters. I was around fourteen at the time, my younger sister was ten and my older sister eighteen. I was on the edge of my seat while watching the movie and I was scared out of my pants. But the most memorable moment was walking home after the movie. We were discussing the movie, tense after seeing a rabid dog attack and innocent woman and her ailing child. It was after nine in the evening, It was dark and the area we lived in wasn't the safest. We passed a chained in used car lot when out of the shadows this huge German Sheppard races toward us, lips peeled back, barking like there was no tomorrow. The three of us screamed and bolted off, our hearts pounding. Once we were far enough away we stopped, looked back and had a good laugh. For me, that was a bigger high than anything else I’ve ever experienced, still is today. It was that moment when my thrill for scaring and being scared came to life.  Is it any wonder scary suspenseful movies don’t have a major effect on me after experiencing that? Well, my brother’s tendency for hiding in my closet with a glow in the dark skull might have had something to do with it. There are several factors to my being somewhat desensitized to suspense.  Living in a haunted house is one. Sneaking downstairs to watch a scary movie my parents were watching all contribute to my love of a good scare. So when I sit down to write a scary suspenseful scene in one of my books, I remember how I felt that moment the dog barked, and the moment I opened the closet door to have my brother jump out with the glowing skull.

The key to a good scare, to making a scene suspenseful is to draw the reader in one step at a time, lure them with a hint of what’s to come, then slam them with the moment. Don’t rush the scene. Draw it out, make them eager to turn the page while being on the edge of their seat.  Below is a section of a story I’ve been working on called Terror Incognito. Tell me what you think. Tell me about your biggest scare, or favourite scary movie or book and one lucky commenter will win a Save a Vampire, Donate Blood coffee mug.
Terror Incognito

A noise behind her caught her attention, and once again she spun around only to find darkness and shadows.
“Hello. Is anyone there?” Oh sure, like they’ll answer you, she berated as she turned around and continued to walk. Her blood turned to ice when she heard the eerie laughter echoing in the stillness of the night.
“Shit.” In a dash she began to run, her bare feet slapping the concrete, tiny rocks cutting into her feet. Behind her, she heard footsteps, chasing after her. She turned, lost her balance and fell, her body skidding along the concrete.
She felt the sting of stone as it cut into the flesh on her hands and knees, ripping away layers exposing it to the warm air. Her hands burnt and as she lifted her head, she was baffled by where she was.
“What the hell?” It was still dark, darker than before, but now there were trees, dozens and dozens of trees all around her. She heard birds chirping quietly, and the rustle of leaves in the wind. The air smelt of damp soil, musty leaves and something she couldn’t quite figure out. Where the hell was she and what had just happened?
“Are you lost little one?”
Kate jumped at the sharp rough voice that seemed to come out at her from every direction.
“Let me help you out.”
Out of the darkness he appeared.
Stumbling back on her heels, her hands stinging as she crab walked backwards trying to avoid what she saw before her. What the hell was he?
“You’re in my territory now, little one.” He knelt down before her, smiling a wicked smile.
He couldn’t be real, this whole thing wasn’t real. Yet as he knelt before her, she could see and she could smell him.
Something worse than foul, something so bad she could feel the bile rising in her chest, stabbing at her throat. He was hideous, beyond hideous. Was he a man, or was he a beast? She couldn’t be sure. He had fangs, long sharp fangs as yellow as the sun. His mouth was wide and dripping with saliva. She could smell it and it made her sick.
His face, good God his face was hideous. Scarred, rough, pussing and bloody and actually looked as if it was decaying. And his eyes, deep yellow eyes that pierced into her as he stared down at her. Oh God, what was happening?
“You slipped, fell and now you’re in my world. Mmm, aren’t you a tasty morsel.”
She jumped back when his hand, clawed with nails so long they curled at the ends, reached out to her.
“I’m going to enjoy sinking my teeth into you, little one.”
“Wha…what the hhhell are you?” she stammered, still inching backwards trying to escape.
“I am your worst nightmare.” He laughed, a sound so loud, so animal like it nearly howled.
“Oh God no!” She scrambled to her feet, her heels lost in her rush to run. She had to get away, she had to get help. Running, her feet slid over rocks, cut by stray branches and burnt with every touch of ground. She cried, but not just of the pain, but out of fear. She had no idea what was happening, only that she needed to run.
“That’s right, run little one. I so love a chase.”
Where was she? This wasn’t the streets, this was a wooded area.  But how had she gotten here? She had been walking home from work, hadn’t she? Suddenly her brain seemed so jumbled. Her feet stung and with every step she felt more rocks and more branches cut into her flesh. Was it the damp ground she felt or was it blood from her wounds? She didn’t have time to stop and look, but oh how she wanted to. Listening, she couldn’t hear him behind her, so she slowed her pace.
She needed to breathe, just to catch her breath if even for a moment.
She screamed and the sound sent dozens of birds scattering from their sleeping spots in the trees. Before she could turn to run, his clawed hand lashed out and grabbed her arm.
“I’ve got you now, little one.”
“No, no let me go, let me go!” She fought, her hands lashing out to his hideous face, her nails clawing.
“Feisty one, aren’t you. I like it.” He smiled deviously. “Want to know what else I like?”
“No, no please, just let me go.” She kicked out her feet and got no purchase. Her hands didn’t even come close to touching him now. How was that possible when he held her so close that she could smell his rancid breath?
“I like to peel the skin from my victims while they’re still alive. The thrill of hearing them scream makes the morsels so much tastier.”
The words he said reverberated in her mind and sunk in her belly like a hard rock. He was going to kill her. She had no doubt about that. But there was no damn way she was going to make it easy for him. She made like she was about to faint, let her body go lax, then just as he loosened his grip; she kicked out and hit him directly in the groin with her foot.
He dropped her as he bent over, writhing in pain.
“Yes!” she shouted in victory then took off running. Don’t look back, just keep going forward.
“Do you think you can get away from me that easily, little one?” he shouted out at her as she ran. “This is my territory, remember.”
What did he mean by his territory? Where was she? Damn it, what was going on? She continued to run, stumbling occasionally but righting herself before she fell. The sweat poured from her face, dampened her body making her clothes stick to her body. Her heart was pounding so hard she could feel it each time it thumped. She heard something in the distance, a loud rushing sound. Was that running water? She could smell it, fresh water like a river or lake. She turned to see if he was still behind her and felt the ground give out below her.
Screaming, she fell, her hands clawing out to grab hold of anything. Her nails broke off, ripping flesh as she slid down the embankment. Catching on a branch, she hung on, panting. She didn’t dare look down, and looking up was pure darkness. She could hear the rushing water below her. And from the sounds of it, it was far below her. If she let go now, and fell, would she live to walk away?
“Well hello there.”
She screamed and nearly lost her balance. Clinging onto the branch she stared up at his gnarled grinning face.
 “You seem to be in a bit of a pickle.”
She was stuck, now what should she do? Looking down she saw just how far below the rushing water was. If she let go now, and fell, she wouldn’t walk away.
“I wouldn’t chance it. See those rocks below, very jagged. They’d cut through you like a knife through butter. Although it would make my life easier to scrape the bits and pieces of the rocks and satisfy my hunger, it’s not as much fun.” He held his long clawed hand out to her. “Allow me to help you up.”
Kate looked up at his gnarled face, his clawed hands, then back down to the jagged ground below her. What choice did she have? Let him pull her up and become his meal, have him peel her flesh from her bones, or fall to her death. Closing her eyes, she drew in a deep breath, then let go.
“I’ve got you now.”                    
She screamed, the sound piercing the night.
Check out my latest release, Awaken the Demon.


Abused for years by a sadistic fiancĂ©, Missy Green has finally had enough. Running away is her only recourse. Wanting a new life, she takes refuge with a group known as the Stargazers. Taken in by the illustrious Draco Starr, Missy is elated to finally find peace. Yet, something doesn’t seem right about her host.

Born in the pits of hell, Draco Starr was once a fearsome Demon. For centuries, he collected soul s for Satan. Having done his time, Draco sets out to start a new life. Even with more wealth and prestige than anyone could ever want, something is missing in his life.


Missy is about to have her world turned upside down. Discovering Draco is a demon is terrifying enough, but findingupside down. Discovering Draco is a demon is terrifying enough, but finding out she too is a demon is more than she can handle.

Can Missy deal with her new life, and the affection she is beginning to feel for Draco, or will her past come back to haunt her?

Shiela’s Website:
Places of purchase: Decadent Publishing.
All Romance eBooks.

Raised on a rural farm in Saskatchewan, Shiela Stewart relied on her vivid imagination to fill her days.
Never did she realize that her need to tell a story would someday lead to becoming a published romance author. In the fall of
two thousand and six, Shiela published her very first book and hasn’t stopped since.

When not writing, Shiela spends time with the love of her life, William and their three children. She has a strong affection for animals
which is evident in the five cats, one dog, three turtles and ten fish she owns. Some of her passions aside from writing are drawing
 and painting and proudly displays her artwork in murals in her home.
Her favorite time of day is sunset and loves to stargaze.
For a more in-depth look into the Author, click here

As Shiela states in her post above one lucky commenter will win one of her Save a Vampire, Donate Blood coffee mugs!

Giveaway Details:
  • Giveaway is open to US & Canada
  • Giveaway will run only November 10th 2011
  • Winner will be chosen randomly, contacted and announced on November 11th 2011
  • Your comment must be meaningful to be qualified.
  • The winner must contact Shiela in order to receive their prize!
  • If you enter, you are acknowledging that you read and accept the giveaway/contest policy.
  • Giveaway is provided by the author.
To Enter:

  • Leave a meaningful comment below about either Shiela's post. The section of a story she has been working on called Terror Incognito above. Let her what you think of it. Tell her about your biggest scare, or favourite scary movie or book. (Note it does not have to be all of those things.)

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