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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Simba’s Midnight Shenanigans

This week it was finally time for my little Simba to go get neutered.

When I first got Simba he was believed to be 2 maybe 3 months old but really he looked younger he was tiny. I now realize he was closer to 3 months than two. As the months passed and he grew I decided to make the appointment and had to do it a month in advance; he hadn’t started spraying so I figured this would not be a problem.

Oh, how wrong I was.

He started doing so not long afterwards. I do not know why, I don’t understand human male psyche much less male cat psyche.

Luckily though he stayed centered around his litter box which was of course good but a little confusing; isn’t spraying a marking of territory pretty much? I could understand his need to maybe say; “Hey, this box here where I pee and poop? Yeah it’s mine.” That is if there was another cat in the house….which there isn’t.

I have come to the conclusion though that he was doing it to tell me so. Yup, I believe he thinks when I was cleaning his litter box, a most everyday occurrence that I was trying to stake some kind of weird cat claim by making it smell clean. This of course prompted him to be like, no, mine.

This is of course all just my thoughts on the situation but again what do I know about cat psyches?

But I have digressed.

It was the night of his appointment and the people had said: “No food after ” among other things. Okay, no problem, though I admit that taking food away from Simba made me feel weird I mean, I want him to be able to eat so taking it away made me feel bad.

That is of course until he started his shenanigans.

His food and water sets on a self with four levels. His stuff sets on the second to bottom one. He can get on the next one up so my idea?

Set it on the top one, I mean he can’t get up there.

And I was right. He can’t.

But it turns out that he can get a paw up high enough to hook onto said food bowl and knock it down, scattering cat food everywhere in the floor.


When he is not suppose to be eating cat food.

I immediately come in here, hey, some people stay up way too late—I am one of those people. I do not think he ate any of it before I got there as he was still in the process of jumping down to the floor to get to it. So I shoo him off and start trying to pick as much of it up as I can before he gets to it.

Shooing cats doesn’t really work.

So here I am two in the morning in the floor, cat in one arm picking up cat food with the other.

Finally I get enough of it up that I felt safe to grab the broom and dust pan. Turns out a lot of the cat food went between the shelf and under it. So I move the shelf.

Simba's water bowl which for some reason I did not think about? It tips over of course.

Now I have soggy cat food everywhere and a cat that thinks Christmas has come early.

Don't you just love cats? :)

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