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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Free Fiction

I have been reading free fiction for a while--really who doesn't love free little treats?

Recently I read a free male/male romance that I really liked and was very, well upset and a little confused to say the least when I came across a review of it. The review didn't state that they didn't like the novel or did but gave it one star because of grammar problems and a few misspelled words.

I understand that is something that gets on peoples nerves but I have to say that I thought it was kind of unfair; if the novel had been edited by a professional and published? Yes, I would understand but this was a free novel written by the author on their own time for readers. 

How can you make such a big deal out a few, hardly noticeable, mistakes when this writer is giving you this to read for free?

To me it seem very rude and well, disrespectful in a way, kind of like if your friend or acquaints gives you a gift you don't tell them everything you hate about it. I feel that everything as a whole should be taken in while reviewing; not just based on certain parts.

What are your thoughts on the issue?


  1. Holly you have found my "hot spot" my "soapbox rant" and my worst "pet peeve"! I agree that when a story really has a lot of errors in it they need to be addressed, do not agree with those who rate those errors rather than the actual storyline/plot/characters and it's ability to entertain the reader.
    I feel like every book rather self-pubbed or not deserves a fair review. After all the books I have read in my life that are from a big publishing house cannot name more than a few that did not have some kind of error in it. So what, the story itself was great and had a good escape for a few hours and that is what I needed not perfect grammer or word use or punctuation.

    (BTW if any typos in this it is because my smartphone screen is tiny and my phone autocorrects things it should leave alone.)

  2. Well, to me, it doesn't matter whether an author charges or not. If they make it available to the public, then they have to expect criticism. Ideally, that criticism will be constructive but as we know, it isn't always.

    When an author puts out book, regardless of what I pay for it, I expect it to be finished and good quality. That includes grammar and spelling. Now I know that it's inevitable that something will slip through the editing process and be missed. It happens. I can accept a small number of errors. But, the more they pile up, the more they detract from the story. I've read books that were so poorly crafted in grammar and language wise that I questioned whether English was the author's first language.

    Should the review you referred to have focused solely on the errors? Unless they were a huge part of the story, no. The reviewer certainly should have addressed the quality of the writing and what they did and didn't like.

    But, free, cheap or expensive, if an author puts out a book for the public, it should be the best possible work they can write and that includes editing.

  3. @jackie b central texas

    Thanks for commenting, Jackie, my feelings exactly! :)

  4. @Bea

    Bea, it's great to hear your opinions on the matter and in a way I do agree with you; no matter the work (free, charging, etc) it should be the authors best. And in my opinion, I have to say it was. This isn’t a writer who had published, self-published or with a house, this was just a writer posting their work. Maybe I should have mentioned that above but I suppose it’s neither here nor there, the reviewer should have taken in everything not just a few mistakes. Thank for commenting Bea! :)

  5. I admit I am a nit-picker when it comes to poor grammar and spelling. It distracts me and makes it hard for me to "fall" into the story. Editing errors slip through on everybody, though, even me!

    A free book with errors wouldn't normally generate a review from me - I would just stop reading it and go on to something else. If it had a lot of hype or 50 5-star reviews on Amazon, well then maybe I'd take time to review.


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