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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just tell me WHY?

Okay, so this post is really, really late, but here non-the-less. What to say? Hmmm. Well, let's talk about NetGalley.


From what I have heard, people just love this site--I even went to check it out, curious you know. And, don't throw things at me, but I don't really get it.

Not that I do not understand the purpose behind it or how it works I get that but to me its just another account with a lot of 'Terms and Conditions' that I really don't need and over all gives me the same feeling Kindle Edition eBooks do.

And that bad feeling stems from this--why in the world do authors/publishers only publish in Kindle Edition? I do not have a Kindle nor do I have the desktop app and to be quite frank about I have no intentions of ever getting either.

This means, that really interesting book that I really wanted to read? Well I can't because it was only available in Kindle edition.

NetGalley is the same; no way am I going to, sign up for an account just to get a book for free that I can only get there.

Now again don't throw things at me, I get it, I can definitely see the appeal NetGalley holds for people--though Kindle Edition is an entirely different matter I will never under stand authors/publishers only releasing Kindle Editions though, it seems like they are cutting off a big portion of their would me profits by doing so. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before.

But I have talked myself in confusing zigzag circle enough and will leave the debating to you my Zombies.


  1. I would agree with you on the point of Kindle. I have a Nook and the agruement that I also hear is that its too time consuming to format to all readers like Sony, Nook, etc. Kindle is easier, blah, blah, blah. Horse hocky!

    Now for Net Galley, I belong but it takes forever to get approved. Yes, approved. Most of the big pubs have very strick guidelines. So if you don't meet those certain guidelines, your out. No questions out, just not approved. If you are thinking about Net Galley, please read the fine print from the different publishers. It will save you in the end.


  2. I belong to Net Galley, have not used the account one time as do not feel like jumping through the hoops to get a book. PLus with the review request get every month do not need any more obligations or will never read my own books, found that out the hard way.

    Kindle vs other ereaders was no hard decision for me Holly, since found out about Calibre before buying the ereader itself knew that downloading things to it in other formats besides mobi would be pretty easy. Plus I wanted a nice size screen and the only one that was HB size was the Kindle DX that I ended up getting end of last March, my eyes are getting too old to have to hassle with the smaller screens even with the ability to up the font size because then you also up the time it takes to read the book too.
    {Not to say do not change every book that I have to size 15 font if I upload it, I do and it is nice and easy reading at that size of letters.}


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