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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is this a growing thing for reviewers? And please excuse my rant.

First off I do want to say that the majority of the authors who contact me are very nice, have obviously read my review policy and I couldn’t be more inclined to them. This post is not about you, it is about the growing number of other review ‘request’ I am receiving.

Lately I have been receiving more and more authors writing me asking me to review for them; this is not a problem in its self, though I admit I am having to turn most of them away now—I do try to give them all the offer of a feature on Full Moon Bites though—the problem is that it is clear most of them do not even read my review policy—or in some cases even look at my blog.

I had an author write me once with the title ‘Dear Sirs’. .. .


Just by looking at my blog or even one blog post by me, I believe it is quite clear that I am not male. I mean ‘Holly’ is not really a male name, is it?

Not only that but people write me using other names, I suppose I can see the confusion in that if you just glanced at my blog, there are a lot of names on it, but on my review policy, which I direct authors to on my side bar it clearly says ‘Holly’ at the end of the page.

Of course then there are those emails which just say Full Moon Bites on them.

 . . . Why?

You are asking me to review your book for you, should you not do a little looking around, read a couple of my reviews maybe to see if you even want me, as a person, my style, etc, to review for you?

You would not write publishers with this little concern would you? I mean sure I am not as important as a publishers but I believe that as a potential reviewer of your novel that I should have a little respect and courtesy from you.

Another thing—sorry Zombies I am on a roll now and this has been building up for way too long—it clearly states on my review policy not to send me your e-Book without my first agreeing to review for you. I know you have not read my review policy when you do this—still it outstands me how many people are sending me their e-Books without my consent, how many emails I am having to delete because I can not just leave them setting there, and I can not download them either. It would make me feel wrong to keep them.

In a way writing this and posting it makes me feel bad, I shouldn’t be ungrateful, a little voice say’s and, it is rude to say this about authors when you admire most of them.

But then again it was rude of you not to read my review policy was it not? It was rude of you to treat me as if I should review for you just because I am a reviewer, was it not?

I am still nice to these authors, I do not write them saying they obviously have not read my review policy—though on a couple I did say ‘as per my review policy’ then go on to say such and such which they had not read—but I am still very nice to them.

Am I wrong to want them to at least show me a little courtesy, respect? Should I just ignore this and move on or is this a growing problem that other reviewers are having trouble with as well? Because it seems to be growing for me; not going away.


  1. Hey Holly. This same problem has been going on at the site I review for. :( And it's extremely frustrating. It validates all those complaints from agents and publishers about authors not addressing things correctly and not following guidelines for submission.

    Extremely annoying and frustrating.

    1. I agree, extremely annoying and frustrating is exactly the right words!

  2. Totally agree!! It's a big thing that bugs me. I also hate the form email I get that they send to loads of bloggers at once. I've had one author email Me over and over with the kind of email and every time i say no to reviewing their books. Policies are there for a reason. It takes what 5 mins to read. And most people dont. Now I don't accept any ebooks unlesd its from authors ive previously worked with or authors I have read.

    1. Maybe one day, I will do something like that for FMB as well, especially if things keep going the way they are. But at the same time I do not really want to, I love those emails from authors who have read the review policy and would hate to have to turn them away.

      Also I have to say though I knew it was not only happening to me—it is good to hear that someone else is having or had the problems too. Lol

  3. Dear Holly-I hope that I have not ticked you off in any way. I'm a new author and think your site is wonderful. Both your red and blue fantasy pages are gorgeous and your advertising prices are amazing. I'm a fan. But you're right, people who write Dear Sir are very ignorant. The only time I ever write that is if the person has a name that could be boy or girl such as Dale or Leslie, etc. Then I write Dear Ms./Mr. whatever their last name is. Dina Rae,author

    1. Oh, no Dina! You were great. :) Very polite, the kind of email a reviewer likes to get. Apposed to the, 'review my book, as you are a reviewer' ones which I could do without. LOL Every time I read one of those I hear the whole creepy voice monologue in my head, like you hear in horror movies with the bad guys.

      It is probably rude of me in a way, but I try not to mess with the whole 'Sir /Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. thing at all unless the person (usually authors) have it somewhere on their blog or in their signature on the emails. Lol


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