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Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: A Touch So Wicked (Sin Trilogy #3) by Connie Mason

4 Stars
A Touch So Wicked
Series: Sin Trilogy, #3
Author: Connie Mason
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Avon Books
Pages: 397
Purchase: Thriftbooks
A Touch So Wicked is the third novel of Connie Mason’s Sin Trilogy in it we meet Sir Damian Stratton also known as the Demon Knight for his skill and ruthlessness in battle. Damian has long served the King of England as has begun to think that he may never have his reward that the king promised him so long ago, until one day he is called before the king and given everything he wanted and more, not only land in England but the title of, Earl of Clarendon.

But everything comes with a price; he also becomes Lord of Misterly a far off castle in the Highlands that the king wants him to take over because of talk that the Maiden of Misterly and Laird Gordon. The Gordon’s mostly their leaders are a band of rebels that are still fighting English rule in the Highlands even years after the war.

If the two clans unite they could become a strong force that would not only be a threat to the peace, but to England rule as well.

Once arriving at Misterly though Damian finds that he can not do as the king ordered and send Elissa Fraser (the Maiden of Misterly) to a Abby as it becomes obvious right from the start that she would escape and find her way to the Gordon, which would mean the marriage he was supposed to prevent, and cost him his titles and lands.

The only way to keep them apart is to of course marry Elissa himself, it does not hurt that the passion that rages between the two is unlike any he has ever felt.

But the Gordon will not give his bride up so easily. . .

As with the last book in this trilogy I really enjoyed this one, the passion between the two characters is what I have come to expect from the author and I was not let down in this book.

The only thing I could have done with out was Elissa’s stubbornness and constant name calling, I suppose I can see how it plays into the book but after a while it just became not only annoying but pointless in my opinion.

I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a good historical romance novel.


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