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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #21) by Laurell K. Hamilton

2 Stars
Kiss the Dead
Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, 21
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Adult,  
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 359
In author Laurell K. Hamilton’s newest Anita Blake book, Kiss The Dead, we are thrown back into Anita Blake’s world, and life, quite quickly with Anita and a vampire in the police station interrogation room.

Anita Blake, a U.S. Marshall is working with RPIT, looking for a fifteen year old girl who has been kidnapped by a group of vampires that believe they should have not ‘master’ that they should be ‘free’. The only probably of course is that with no Master to control the vampires, they are causing quite the havoc. Not only that but the ‘free’ vampires are turning children that are not old enough to consent (18+ I do believe is consenting age) and elderly people to gain public sentiment.

Anita must now help find the girl and the eldest vampire that is turning most all of the other free vampires.

This book was okay. But I have to admit that about all I can give it. I did not love it like I wanted to, like I hoped I would

Mostly in this book, we learn, well, that Anita is still having boyfriend issues, lots of sex, but in this one BAD sex and that some of the vampires want to be free of any master vampire, which is not possible of course, and that they think there may be a Vampire Council in America soon.

Oh, and Asher is still being petty and spiteful.

Yup. That’s about it.

I have to say this is the most disappointed I have ever been with an Anita Blake book. Even the sex scenes in this book—something you can always count on in the recent Anita Blake books was just well—eh, repetitive, boring, not mind blowing-sex-omg, need I go on?

This surprised the hell out of me and at first I thought it may be a fluke I was going to wait until the next sex scene, it would not be like that, it would be good and make me pant and re-read it right after like a young woman is supposed to when reading an awesome mind blowing sex scene!

It did not me pant or want to re-read it, in fact it was just like the other one it was just, going though the task at hand I suppose—Anita ‘withered’ a lot and I do mean a lot, she screamed, cried out, and had so many orgasms that I think it is humanly impossible—and that a woman would be thankful for just one of those in real life—in the short amount of time that the sex went on but then again Anita has always done that at least but the emotion, naturalness, fun, the feeling that we always had in the other books just was not there.

I have to say in the end on the plot about her, her boyfriends and the sex—what the hell happened?

On to the plot though!

As before there are vampires that want to be free, who do not want to be blood-oathed to any Master vampire. Not only this, but Anita dealt with being a ‘Monster’ in this book as well. (Which I thought she had already done...?)

The basis for the free vampire plot was pretty good but over all fell pretty flat, maybe this is an opening for the next book, a stepping stone to get to the main thing that the author wanted to touch on in the first place?

With the plot in this book—Anita killed some bad guys, she rethinks whether she can do her job and be in all the relationships she is in, gets called a monster, doesn’t get angry a lot, and works out problems with her newest man Cynric or ‘Sin’ the youngest of them and her blue tiger.

Mostly this is all that happens in the book, I do not lie, really. I have to say again this is the most disappointed I have ever been with an Anita Blake book and I really wanted to like this book--I have never had a Anita Blake book rate under 3 stars for me--but this one does.

Overall did this book further the series…? I have no idea in the long run, after the next book I might be able to tell, but no I do not think it did.


  1. You know I actually stopped reading these at book 18. I couldn't stand the series anymore. I was really annoyed that every dude wanted Anita. I think there needs to be some new blood in this series. Perhaps Anita needs to become a vampire or a shifter. Awesome review though!!

    1. I had not actually thought of that to tell you the truth but yeah, maybe Anita needs to actually 'change' into something else. Lol Thank you for reading! :)

  2. Holly after reading yours and two other similar reviews of the book my heart is sad! I love Anita's character and after Bullet thought for sure the series was back on track, then Flirt reinforced it but sounds like that is not true with Kiss The Dead. Oh well maybe it can wait to be read as a library book checkout.

    1. I am sorry! I really did want to love it, the last book Hit List was pretty good (but then again it had Edward in it lol), but this one it just didn't make it for me. You may like it more though. :)

  3. I'm waiting on it too... but L.K.H. has disappointed me in the past... I'm still a loyal fan, will read the series until the end... hopefully there will be an end and not L.K.H.'s untimely death stopping the series.

    It's one thing to draw the series out until she is too old to write anymore, but she needs to start finishing up plots and coming up with new ones. Say a three book plot, and then something new. I can't stand the thought of reading 70 books and never hearing about the end to Mommy Dearest. Hell, at that stage most of her readers will be dead, it's about being loyal to the old fan base too.. not just continually picking up new ones.

    If she wanted to write a few books that were pretty much nothing but sex without a plot the readers wouldn't care as much either, because we would be able to know that she was able to draw us back in. Personally I'm still betting on Edward inviting Anita in on his adopted son's first kill and it being Olaf. I'm constantly scouring the net to find out when something like that is coming out.

    After that one book... I can't remember the name, it was before Hit List when she tried to bring the crime back to the books... and the end turned into "Oh yeah, we caught the bad guys." I almost keeled over from shock. But Hit List restored my faith in her... she has to have some sort of plan, which is becoming more fluid with reader demands and long term plans, I just wish she would reveal it already.

    1. HeavenllySin I know what you mean, I will always be a fan of this series—even though I did not like this book I know for a fact that I will be picking up the next book as soon as it is up for pre-order but this book just well you read my review I am sure and know how I felt about it--disapointed. Big time.

      The only thing we can do in the end is wait for book 22 and see what is going to happen next. And I hope it will be wonderful or at least on par with Hit List which I also really liked.


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