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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Email Pet Peeves

Honestly email is great—really, I talk to a ton of people everyday and the message gets there in a matter of seconds. Compared to regular letters going back and forth between people on horse like in medieval historical novels (sorry, I have been on a historical romance kick recently. Lol) this is wonderful and very convenient. Especially with today’s technology when you can access the internet via wi-fi on a laptop or your cell phone.

Even today’s mail—when was the last time you sit down and wrote a letter via pen and paper to someone? Me? I think I have only done that once in my whole life. Keep in mind that I am only 19 though.

But as with most things there are little things that bother a person, some of them are my own fault, while others are not—but either way they are email pet-peeves.

Accidentally deleting an email.
It happens. I am sure it happens to everyone (admit it, at least one in your like you have done this). It is not so bad, just go to the trash and restore it, it is merely a time-inconvenience—unless you delete it from your spam. Then there is no getting it back. We all get mail that goes to our spam and I check mine to make sure it is nothing that should have gone to my inbox. Of course checking does you absolutely no good when right as you click to trash it all you see an email you should have kept. This is also not a problem you would have with a through-the-mail letter of course. Lol

Multiple emails from one person.
With email (or with Gmail at least) you can go back-and-forth on the same email thread and it will all stay via that one email; you can have 100+ emails on that on thread. But, there are people who will send a new email every reply which completely defeats the purpose of this. It is especially a nuisance when you need everything organized and in one place, otherwise you have to go and find each individual email and search through them all. Yet another time- inconvenience but also frustrating since it could have all been via one single thread if the person had not sent a new email each reply. I am not sure if people do this on purpose, or some email accounts/services automatically starts the new email for them, but again--very frustrating.

Emails not sending/arriving.
This is a major thing, especially for someone who has a business and conducts it all via email. I have had emails from people that never got to me and my emails not get to people as well, and of course there is always the email that somehow does not send and winds up in your draft folder in a case of who-knows-how.

These are three major pet-peeves I have run into, the last one, thankfully, is not something that happens often to me. Do you have any email pet peeves that I have missed and you would like to add?


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