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Friday, October 19, 2012

Interview with Missy Martine, author or Anna Doubles Down!

Holly: Hi Missy! :) Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Missy: Sure, I’d be happy to.  Let’s see, I write erotic paranormal and ménage fiction for Siren/Bookstrand.  I kind of got a late start in my writing career so I’ve only been at it right at three years now.  At the present time I’m living in California with my soul mate and three male cats that rule the roost.  My honey and I have been together since 1999 when we met randomly in a chat room on the internet.  Since meeting him I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world spending time in England, Wales, France, Japan, and China.  I should also point out I’m on the far side of fifty, and married to a man a decade younger than me making me a real-life cougar :)

Holly: When did you realize that you would like to write and publish a book?

Missy: I actually wrote my first book because my husband nagged me into it.  I’d suffered a series of small strokes a few years ago that left me unable to continue working as a nurse.  I still have some problems with short-term memory.  Depression had taken over my life and he was desperate to find something that would challenge me.  He finally said, “you’ve read enough of the dang things you ought to be able to write your own.”  Honestly, I wrote “Table for Three” just to shut him up.  No one was more surprised than me when Siren/Bookstrand wanted to publish it.

Holly: Can you tell us a little bit about your book Anna Doubles Down?

Missy: This book is about a woman who travels to a ghost town in Nevada while on vacation with her best friend.  It’s a pretty desolate area, and they split up to look around.  Something draws her to the old saloon and when she’s exploring, she falls down the steps and wakes up in 1871.
Before they’d started their journey, Anna’s friend had given her a book on the area’s history.  From her reading, she knew a terrible disaster was about to devastate the small mining town.  She’s got the chance to change history, if she can get the two handsome men that own the saloon to believe her.

Holly: Which came first for you, the characters or the plot?

Missy: The plot has always come first, in each of my books.

Holly: What was the inspiration for this novel?

Missy: My husband and I were on vacation, doing back roads in Nevada with our Jeep.  We can across Hamilton quite by accident.  There’s not much of the old town left.  Most of it’s just the rock foundations of some buildings.  But just a short way down the dirt road stands the Belmont Mill.  Many of the buildings are still there.  They’re boarded up where you can’t get inside, but some of the windows are gone and you can look all you want.  The pulleys for the ore cars are still in place.

I stood outside the largest building there and listened to the sounds of the forest.  It’s a good ways from civilization so there are no traffic sounds, and no people.  I studied the interior of the buildings and began to imagine what it must have been like to have lived back then.  It made me start thinking how cool it would be to travel back in time, even if only for a day.  At that point, Anna was born.

Holly: Where can we purchase Anna Doubles Down?

Missy: You can get it in eBook from Siren/Bookstrand

Holly: Can we expect more novels from you in 2012?

Missy: Absolutely!  I have book 2 in my Galactic Nuptials Series coming out in late September.  It’s called “My Chameleon Loves.”  Book 3 of that series, “Meredith’s Pride”, is coming out in late October.  And, the third installment of the Anna Doubles Down trilogy should be out by December.  It’s called “Forever Eva”.

Holly: Are you working on anything at the moment?

Missy: I’m working on a couple of projects right now.  First, I’m finishing up “Forever Eva”, which is a direct sequel to “When Kat’s Away.”  I’m working on a book titled “His First” which is about a gay couple who hire a surrogate so they can have a family.  And, I’ve begun the primary outlines for a new series that will back-up my series, “A Wolfen Heritage.”  The next set of books will pick up with the children born in book 3 of the original series.  I’m calling the series “A Wolfen Heritage – The Next Gen – 25 Years Later.”  Right now, I have around 12 books scheduled over the coming year for that series.

Holly: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Missy: Yes, I’d like to offer up a really, big, sincere “thank you” to my readers.  It’s been so gratifying receiving your emails regarding my books.  I’ve tried to answer each and every one, and I’m especially grateful for those that have offered opinions and advice about what books I need to be writing next J  A writer knows they’ve got a hit when so many people write to encourage you to give a secondary character their own book.  I hope you keep those letters coming.  Your advice is wonderful.

Holly: Are you reading anything interesting at the moment? If so, what is it?

Missy: I’ve been working my way through Jianne Carlo’s “White Wolf” series.  So far there’s “The Call of a Soul”, “Alpha Me Not”, and “White Wolf.”  These stories are wonderful, if you like romance, shapeshifters, and an interesting mystery to solve.

Random Quickies!

Holly: Vampires or Werewolves?

Missy: Werewolves all the way.  There’s something so majestic and romantic about wolves.  I love the stories with wolf shapeshifters.

Holly: Favorite color?

Missy: My favorite color is just about any shade of blue.

Holly: Favorite genre to read?

Missy: I love reading paranormal, shapeshifter, ménage books.  They can be either M/M/F, M/F/M or M/M/M.  As long as they have my shapeshifters, they have my attention.

Holly: Favorite movie?

Missy: “The Holiday” with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black.  It’s the most romantic movie I ever remember watching, and I’ve watched it about 50 times.  I love that it can make me laugh, and cry, all within a two hour period.

Holly: Cats or dogs?

Missy: I’m the eternal “cat lady”.  Right now my house is run by Beau (11 year old Himalayan), Midnight (7 year old mixed breed) and Bubba (5 year old part Bengal).  All three were rescued from shelters and have lived happily ever after in our home.

Title: Anna Doubles Down
Author:  Missy Martine
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Length:   140 pages
Sub-Genres: Time Travel, Ménage

Anna can't believe how much the woman in the picture looks like her. They could be twins, except the picture was taken in 1871. Either she's a relative, or Anna had a past life in Hamilton, Nevada. Either way, the temptation to visit the old ghost town is too much. She and her friend Kat travel west. While off exploring on her own, Anna is knocked unconscious when she falls down the steps in the saloon. She can hardly believe her eyes when she wakes. Beau and Zeke won the Silver Rush Saloon in a poker game and have been partners and secret lovers for over ten years. They don't know what to make of the woman they found half-dressed in their cellar. She claims to know something terrible that's about to happen to their town and needs their help. Will Anna be able to win their love and trust before it's too late?

Work-roughened palms with long, tapering fingers roughly untied the rope at her waist and yanked the loose pants down her thighs. She groaned and let her fingers slide through Zeke’s hair when he nuzzled her mound over the satiny cloth of her thong. “Darlin’, you’ve got some of the strangest drawers I’ve ever seen. There’s practically nothing to ’em.” He ran his thumb over the silky nub of her panties eliciting a soft gasp from her lips.
Beau pulled her hand away, forcing her arms back as he unfastened and pulled off her shirt. She became pliant as he kissed every inch of the skin he exposed, his hand sliding down her back to rest on the swell of her ass. She could feel him tugging on the elastic of her thong. “I wanna see you, Anna.”
“Yeah, me too.” Zeke slid the tiny scrap of material down her legs letting his fingers run through her feminine curls. “You’re so silky here.”
“Let me see.” Beau’s hand snaked around her hip, his fingers skimming over her pussy lips. “Damn, she’s sopping wet.”
Zeke reached between her legs to brush a fingertip across the hood of her throbbing clit. “I can’t wait any longer, Beau.” He dropped to his knees and rubbed her swollen clit with his thumb. Leaning close, he replaced his hand with his mouth and ran his tongue up the slit of her wet pussy.
“No!” Anna cried out when Beau pulled her away from the fiery pleasure of Zeke’s mouth.
“Patience, Anna. We just need to get a little more comfortable.” He scooped her into his arms and tossed her onto the bed. Now we can all get down to business.”
Anna watched the two men quickly strip off their clothes. Their chiseled, work-roughened features causing the breath to catch in her throat. Both men sported impressive erections, and both were already leaking pre-cum. She swallowed hard. “What about protection?”
Beau gave her a wink as he climbed onto the bed. “Don’t worry, honey. We’ll make sure to pull out in time. We won’t be leaving you with a babe.”
Anna forced herself to concentrate as Zeke snuggled close on her other side. “No, that’s not what I mean. You can’t get me pregnant, at least not right now.”
Zeke placed a hand on her chin and forced her gaze up to his. “I’m so sorry, Anna. You can’t have children?”
“No, I mean yes, I probably can. I just wouldn’t be able to get pregnant for a few months. I just had my Depo shot before we left on vacation.” She sighed at the puzzled frowns on their faces. “It’s an injection the doctor gives me a few times a year that keeps me from getting pregnant. That way I get to decide when I want to have a baby.”
“Guess we don’t have to ask if you’ve been with a man before.” Beau smoothed the hair away from her face.
“Well, yes, I’ve had a couple of relationships with men.” She watched their faces carefully. “Does that make a difference?”
“Absolutely not!”
“No, honey, not at all.”
Anna giggled. “I’m glad it doesn’t bother you.”
“If you can’t conceive a child, then why were you asking about protection?” Zeke moved over and settled between her spread thighs.
His warm breath on her stomach made it difficult for Anna to voice her thoughts. “I meant condoms, you know, for disease.” She took a deep breath. “Not that I’m sick or anything, I mean I’m clean and I’m sure you are, too, but it always pays to be careful.” She could feel herself flushing as she rambled on.
“What are you—”
“I know what she’s talking about.” Beau ran his hand through Zeke’s hair. “I read about ’em. Some kind of little coverings men could use to catch their seed so they didn’t spill into their woman’s body.”
“I never heard of such a thing.” Zeke leaned close and blew gently on her spread pussy. “As far as I know there’s nothing like that around here.”
Anna groaned and closed her eyes as she brushed her hand along the bristly roughness of his unshaven beard. She could feel the muffled heat of his breath flicker across her abdomen. “I guess it’ll have to be okay then.” She lost the ability to talk when Zeke stroked her clit with his thumb, his fingers working their way inside her. She began to pant as he rubbed gentle circles around the tiny nub.
“You’re so beautiful.” Beau kissed her eyelids softly, his hand caressing across the skin of her chest. His lips roamed over to her earlobe and then down the side of her neck while his fingers teased the sensitive tip of her breast, making maddeningly slow circles around the peak. He pinched and kneaded each nipple in turn before lifting her breast in his hand. He circled her nipple with his tongue just before he sucked it deep inside his mouth.
“Spread your legs wider,” Zeke ordered. He settled his upper body even lower between her spread thighs and licked her from bottom to top. “God, you taste like sweet honey.” He laved her most intimate places with his hot tongue, stroking down her slit and back up, swirling around her pulsing clit.
Anna groaned harshly when Beau’s thumb circled her nipple, torturing it into a hard bud before sucking it deep into his mouth. She couldn’t stop a moan from escaping when she felt the sharp nip of his teeth on her tender flesh.
Zeke opened her folds with his fingers and began to lick her clit in earnest while he penetrated her sheath with his fingers. He plucked and teased her swollen nub, slipping his thick index finger in and out before tracing her cleft again.
“Oh, God,” she cried out, her hips bucking off the mattress as an orgasm washed through her senses.
Zeke threw a hand across her abdomen, holding her still as he lapped and sucked until the last wave of pleasure receded.

I was born, and raised in the great southern state of Tennessee. In my youth, I studied nursing, and spent several happy years working in the hospitals there until I branched out into medical management in 1980.
In 1998 I was managing a medical supply house in Chattanooga, when I met the love of my life. The only problem facing me then, he lived way out in Oklahoma. You see, we had met in a chat room!
He romanced me daily with love letters, flowers and phone calls. It wasn’t long before I uprooted myself, and moved west to join him. We married in 1999, and then continued our fantasy romance all over the world. Together we have traveled in almost all of the Continental United States, and taken trips to Canada and China.
I retired from working in 2002 and it wasn’t long before my husband was encouraging me to find some kind of outlet to occupy my time, something that was challenging, and rewarding. I was already obsessed with reading about romance, and I began to think I could probably write a good, romantic story. My husband heartily agreed with me. With that encouragement, I began writing my first book. I wasn’t really convinced that anyone else would find it interesting, but he pressed me to take a chance and send it in to a publisher. To my surprise, it was accepted, and now I’m able to share it with readers everywhere who like a “happily ever after” story.
Today, I’m living in California with my, still romantic, husband of twelve years, and our boys. Our boys consist of Beau, Midnight, and Bubba, three male cats that allow us to live with them and serve them at their leisure. I continue to write almost daily, hoping that someone, somewhere will get the same enjoyment from reading my stories, that I get from writing them.
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  1. Congrats! I can't wait to read this one. Great excerpt. Thanks for the chance.


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