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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Romancing Another World by Nina Pierce!

I am very excited to have author Nina Pierce, author of Shadows of Fire, visiting Full Moon Bites today! :)

What is it about other worlds that attracts readers? What keeps them turning the pages? For me, it’s the fascination of discovering a new setting, a new place and time that was constructed only from the author’s imagination. I’m sucked into a place where the unknown confronts the characters at every turn. Without the boundary of a known backdrop anything can happen.

One of my all time favorite world building authors is Anne McCaffrey. Her amazing Pern series and my personal favorite, her Freedom series transport me to fantastic worlds that only exist on the pages of her books. She weaves wonderful tales of mythical creatures that are awe inspiring.

It was her writing that prompted me to try my hand at creating my own new worlds. Healer’s Garden was my first foray into the world of the future. I stayed with earth and created a setting where global warming released a devastating virus that wiped out a huge portion of the human population. Working within the confines of that catastrophe I imagined what a world devoid of humans would look like one hundred and fifty years down the road. I discovered humans highest priority would be survival of the species and repopulating the earth. Of course having the virus affect the human DNA also left room for me to give the surviving population “gifts”. There is a definite paranormal flair with the powers of telekinesis, prophesying, and healing smattered throughout the female offspring.
With my newest release Shadows of Fire I moved to the contemporary realm, but behind the veil of our human world, exists a population of vampires.

With the popularity of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter series and Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, it’s a little risky to create another world of paranormal beings, especially one where whose immortals that live off blood. But when my firefighter showed up in the first chapter and claimed to be a vampire … who was I to argue?

The key is to be sure you have the rules of your world clear. Are they part of the human world? Can they walk in daylight? How often do they feed? What drives them?
In my case, my hero, REESE COLTON is part of an elite military operation that works to keep rogue vampires from harming vampires and humans and exposing their existence to the human population. He’s answering the call from an ancient vampire to save humans and vampires from an arsonist hell bent on revenge.

Reader Question: So on this holiday of all things spooky and paranormal do you have a favorite type of other worldly being that just melts your heart?


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A woman forced to live a life she didn’t choose …
Thirty years ago, a horrendous attack in the California mountains thrust chemistry student, ALEXANDRA FLANAGAN, into the secret world of vampires. Now, unable to stomach the thought of drinking blood from another person, she survives on a chemical blood wine. But there are some who secretly disapprove of her clandestine activities and will do anything to stop her. 

A vampire of honor protecting humans …
Ancient vampire, REESE COLTON, is part of an elite military operation seeking out and eliminating rogue vampires. Undercover as a firefighter, he and his team have been called in to investigate the unusual number of fires covering up the murders of vampires living on Alex’s blood wine.

A murderer seeking revenge …
When chemistry ignites passion, Reese and Alex find themselves embroiled in an affair that catches them both unaware. With the number of fires escalating and evidence against Alex mounting, Reese isn’t sure whether to follow his heart or the clues as he seeks to find a murderer in the Shadows of Fire.

Stacking the boxes, she took a moment to settle. Alex wasn’t sure when she’d become a damsel in need of saving, but the two vamps going all Neanderthal in the other room certainly believed her incapable of taking care of herself. She wasn’t sure if she was flattered or insulted.

Fortunately, both Ronan and Reese had remained in their respective corners, where she’d left them. Their gazes intently followed her as she set the boxes on the floor next to the desk. Filling out the information on the clipboard, she handed it to Ronan to sign. Their little winery was as precise as any pharmacy. “I loaded in two extra bottles. But it’s all you have for the week. Don’t drink it all in one sitting.” Alex’s attempt at humor fell flat.

The corners of Ronan’s mouth lifted, but the pursed lips held no mirth. “If I find other vampires interested in weaning themselves onto the wine, how do they get on your list?”

“Just mention them to Glenn. We’ll find someone who’ll make sure they get what they need. Glenn trusts you not to tell anyone where it’s bottled.”

Ronan bent low, took her hand and brushed his lips feather-light across her knuckles. “‘Tis always a pleasure spending time with you, Alexandra.”

Neither of them missed the low growl emanating from Reese.

Ronan straightened. Smiling as he withdrew a bulging gold money clip from his pocket, he counted out some bills and threw them on her desk. Apparently, the gesture had been meant to goad Reese, not flatter her.

“I’m pleased you and Glenn trust me enough to allow me into your cellars.” He scooped up the box with one arm and turned to Reese. “Do keep her safe from the unsavory vampires.”

“My pleasure.”

“Don’t forget to bring back the bottles,” she called at Ronan’s retreating back. Alex ran damp palms down her jeans. The musty room had suddenly become stifling. She didn’t speak until Ronan’s footfalls receded up the stairs. “Seriously Reese, I’m fine being here by myself.”

He pushed from the wall, stalking toward her, his body an overwhelming presence sucking the breath from her lungs. “I have no doubt you can take care of yourself.” Reese stepped up to her, the wall of his chest brushing her breasts. She craned her neck, coming up against the hunger sparking in his eyes and turning them a deeper shade of emerald. The fresh scent of his cologne wrapped around her nose, melting her defenses.

“I have no desire to be your guardian, Alex.” Reese’s voice dropped to a sultry whisper that heated her blood and sent her heart racing. “Perhaps Josh was right and my interest in you hasn’t been as obvious as I thought I’d made it over the last several months.” His gaze roamed slow and hot down her face and neck to rest on her heaving chest before searing a leisurely path back to her mouth. “But I’m thinking your body has been aware.”

Alex searched his face, reading the intention only seconds before Reese’s mouth slanted over hers. The heat of the kiss obliterated any coherent thought and no matter how bad his timing, Alex couldn’t have pulled from Reese if she’d wanted to. His hand reached up to cup her neck, his thumb grazing her chin as he changed the angle and invited her to deepen the kiss. She opened for him, the silken heat of his tongue darting in to tangle with hers. His taste, warm and familiar, sent awareness skittering over her nerves. The man certainly knew how to weaken her resolve.

She broke the kiss, his hot breath washing over her face. “I have appointments. People are going to show up any minute.”

Reese’s gaze dropped to her mouth before leisurely dragging back to her eyes. A smile slid slowly over his full lips. “I suppose it wouldn’t do for the tavern owner to be found in a compromising position.” He stepped away from her. “An hour. Maybe two. It’s all I’m willing to wait. I’ve obviously been remiss in showing you exactly how good we are together.”

Award-winning romance author, Nina Pierce, grew up in a house full of readers. Nina's discovered the passionate side of romance with her sexy stories. For her, it's all about the sweet scent of seduction mixed with the heartwarming aroma of romance.

Nina resides in
New England
with her high school sweetheart and soul mate of twenty-eight years and several very spoiled cats who consider her "staff". When she’s not writing she enjoys spending time with her three grown children, one love-sick son-in-law and a heart-melting grandson.

You can keep up with her new books at her website or by following her on Facebook or Twitter.


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