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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Interview & #Giveaway with Fierce Dolan, author of Traveler Through Darkness!

Holly: Hi Fierce!  Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Fierce Dolan: Thanks for having me!  I write wide flavors of erotica, and I enjoy simultaneously making fun of and worrying about the direction of modern English.  I’m kind of an organic oxymoron—When reading I pretend I’m an editor, though when writing I realize I’m not.  I refuse to wear a watch, and I’m always on time. I drink decaf coffee but inhale dark chocolate in large quantities.  I don’t sleep much (silly brain) but I’m always tired.  I fantasize about making reality better.

Holly: When did you realize that you would like to write and publish a book?

Fierce Dolan: Always, I think.  I always knew I would be a writer, and really, I always thought of myself as one—even in elementary school and prior.  I never really knew what direction that desire would take me in, though.  I’m well-published in nonfiction under another name, and this jaunt into erotic fiction has been great fun.

Holly: Can you tell us a little bit about your book, Traveler Through Darkness?

Fierce Dolan: I originally wrote it for inclusion in a gay interracial anthology that died on the vine, then later rewrote it to stand alone.  I’m glad it came out the way it did, because it’s a much stronger story, now. 

Traveler is about one man who is very comfortably out-and-proud, and another who isn’t but really wants to be.  I think it’s a fairly realistic exploration of feelings for both men—one hoping for something more to come of their interaction and the other not sure how to move forward.

Holly: Which came first for you, the characters or the plot?

Fierce Dolan: Sort of both.  I knew I wanted the plot to revolve around a Native American man and a Middle Eastern man.  I wanted the conflict of someone really modern in his sexual expression yet still outside the typical western norm, and someone who more or less expresses no sexuality at all. 

Holly: What was the inspiration for this short story?

Fierce Dolan: Part of it was exploring the tradition of two-spirits in some Native American tribes—a third gender in which a man can take on the role and tribal standing of a woman (including marrying and dressing as a woman).  The other part was dropping that kind of fluid sexuality onto someone with a very conservative, repressed life.  Sparks, yes?

Holly: Where can we purchase Traveler Through Darkness?




Holly: Are you working on anything at the moment?

Fierce Dolan: Indeed—just in time for creepy season I will be releasing the first installment of a paranormal series—Journal of a Lycanthrophile.  Definitely a different direction for my writing, but a fresh take on the shifter genre, for sure.  It’s quite dark and gritty erotica—not the fluffy Beauty and the Beast seduction we’ve gotten used to in the genre. 

Holly: Are you reading anything interesting at the moment? If so, what is it?

Fierce Dolan: I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy.  I’m still processing it.  The story was great, and I really loved aspects of it, yet the last installment felt so unbaked, like it just wasn’t quite ready to come out yet.  I was frustrated with that facet of it, because I felt the final installment brought the whole series down.  Still, though, the overall story was amazing.  Collins contributed something new to YA, and she reinforced retrofuturism/steampunk grand scale.

Holly: Can you tell us a little about your first publishing experience?

Fierce Dolan: I got so spoiled.  My first publisher was a mid-size genre publisher, and she was fantastic.  She talked to me and actually listened.  She was responsive and informative.  Working with her opened door for me that I definitely wouldn’t have managed myself, and put my writing across audiences I wouldn’t have had access to on my own.  I’ve learned since that experience that not only is it not always like that, but it’s seldom as supportive.

Holly: Do you have anything you would like to say to your readers?

Fierce Dolan: Mostly, thank you.  I’ve written professionally for two-and-a-half decades, though I only began publishing erotica in the last two years.  The reception has been wonderful!  There truly is a different vibe and interaction in the genre, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting so many new people and being asked to have a presence in lots of new places.

Holly: Is there a genre that you love to read, and would like to write, but just can not?

Fierce Dolan: Dystopian.  I really love to read it, but I can’t let myself unhinge enough to feel it.  It scares meh.  I can feel scared enough without going to special places just to write about it =)

Random Quickies!

Holly: Vampires or Werewolves? 

Fierce Dolan: Damon.

Holly: Witches or Zombies?  

Fierce Dolan: Both?

Holly: Supernatural or Psych? (TV Shows) 

Fierce Dolan: Supernatural, although they never do them right *sigh*

Holly: Cats or dogs?  

Fierce Dolan: Right now, neither.  Too much sneezing.

Holly: Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? 


Traveler Through Darkness
by Fierce Dolan

On Traveler Through Darkness…

A lifetime of want collides with fate the night of Tarik’s bachelor party, fulfilling his deepest secret desire—only it’s not with the strippers his Arab friends hired to cater to his every whim. Uncomfortable with the debauched festivities, Tarik ducks out of the soirée, stumbling into Wo, a kind Navajo artist, who forces him to say what he really wants, then gives it to him, all night.

“I am so sorry–” Tarik began.
“It’s okay. It was an accident.” The words were rushed as he pulled the soaked sweatshirt from his skin and fanned the dripping tablet. Black smudges coated the fingertips and heel of his left hand.
“I've ruined your work,” Tarik lamented, motioning toward the pad.
“Oh, no. It's just a sketch. I was fascinated with the moonlight on the harbor.” He flashed a charcoal rendering of the midnight water. A long, shimmering black strand fell forward of the band securing his hair, lighting just at the edge of his upturned mouth. “No masterpiece here.”
Piercing umber eyes met Tarik’s, and the gentle smile relaxed his shoulders. “You were in the ballroom earlier.”
“Mmm. The bachelor party.”
Tarik pursed his lips, nodding once. “I’m staying in the hotel. Allow me to get for you a clean shirt.”
“It’s fine. I don’t have far to go.”
“In this cold, with no jacket, you will freeze. Please. I insist—”
“What's your name?” the younger man asked.
“I am Tarik.” He bowed.
“I'm Wo.” He nodded. “Thank you for your kind offer, Tarik.”

Mezzofiction author, Fierce is imagination shapeshifted as a scribe taunting blank pages and carpal tunnel, neither of which are much use for deadlines. Close allies are impeccable timing and a trusty masseuse. Being a switch I/ENFP doesn't hurt. For kicks Fierce has other personas across several genres, tends to fill in “Other” on surveys without explaining, and chooses the finality of the Japanese Tamagotchi.
In summary: Fierce writes all kind of dirty things that you probably shouldn’t ever read…

Commenters 18 or older, leave your email address to win an ebook of Gigolo Seduction, Fierce’s contemporary erotica novella! Ends Nov. 15th.


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