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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interview with Lexie Stewart, author of My Pirate Lover!

Today I am pleased to welcome author  Lexie Stewart! :)

Q. Hello Lexie.

A. Hi.

Q. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

A. I’m a daydreamer. It used to be a way to get through the boredom of math class. It’s only in the last decade or so that I started putting my daydreams on paper and selling them.

Q. What is your favourite book?

A. I can only answer that if you make it a plural.

Q. Okay. What are your favourite books?

A. So many. Misery by Stephen King, By Jingo by Terry Pratchett, The Dangerous Protector by Janet Chapman. I like Kathy Reich, Tara Moss, Dickens, Caroline Graham…

Q. That’s quite a broad range.

A. It is, isn’t it? I like to read right across the board. All styles, all genres. That’s how I like to write as well, always shaking things up and keeping it fresh and challenging myself.
  I read and write the way I eat; it’s a literary diet, a healthy mix of everything. I have an ever-changing appetite. For instance, I love chocolate but I couldn’t eat it all the time. No hang on, I could. Bad example.

Q. Do you find people react differently depending on what you say you like to read/write?

A. Definitely. I think the prejudice some people have against certain kinds of books is
really rather sad. Some people judge you by what you like to read, especially if its romance.
  People think all romance readers are low-intelligence nymphomaniacs! This isn’t true at all; I’m sure only a small percentage of us are. Kidding, kidding, just kidding.
  On a serious note, I’m sure everyone has had an experience where they’ve been mocked or scoffed at or put down for their reading tastes.
  I’ve seen people--not just teenagers with a copy of Playboy, but adults--hiding what they’re reading in the cover of another book! I think it’s really sad that there’s that pressure, that they’re scared of being judged.
  That’s why I love sites like Full Moon Bites. It’s a virtual coffee club for romance lovers. It’s a celebration of the genre.

Q. Tell us about your latest story.

A. I’d love to! It’s called ‘Worth Waiting For’ and its just recently gone up on Amazon.

Q. I haven’t read this one yet so no spoilers!

A. Sally is my heroine for this story. She’s sweet, hardworking and independent. She runs her own small business which I think is very brave. She had what seemed like the perfect relationship with the hero, Flynn Elliot, but suddenly he left without an explanation.
  The story picks up three years later with Sally hard at work and successful but with a heart that is still very much broken and questions that need to be answered.
  Then Flynn turns up again, completely out of the blue. Sally struggles to come to terms with how much he’s changed. He’s completely different: vain, shallow, materialistic. Oh, and there’s his new woman, a city model, Mimi Dineen. Now she was lots of fun to write! I found her delightfully wicked, especially when she was evaluating Flynn’s grandparents’ home and possessions and demanding to know how much Flynn would inherit when they died!
  Anyway, the chemistry is still very much alive between Sally and Flynn and it soon becomes apparent to Sally that he’s hiding something and it’s got to do with why he ended their relationship.
Q. What project are you working on at the moment?

A. Ha! You need to make that a plural as well.

Q. Okay. What projects are you working on at the moment?

A. Too many. The problem is, I write where the inspiration takes me. Currently I’m working on four projects. I’ll put them in point form.
  1. A romance novel about a young woman trying to start a new life after her best friend betrays her.
  2. I’ve been reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and I decided to try a mystery. I’m loving it! Laying the clues is so much fun.
  3. I’ve also gone back to vampires. I’m putting together several vampire stories I wrote a few years ago and I plan to release them as a compilation.
  4. And I’m writing a paranormal romance approx 10,000/20,000 words. It’s so much fun, and a bit saucier than how I usually write. I’m thinking of setting it in the Regency period. I want carriages and streetlamps and my heroine running around in a huge dress with full skirts and corset!

Q. Well, I think that about wraps us up. Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing what you turn out next.

A. Thanks. I’d like to also thank Full Moon Bites for having me here today and Danica Winters who hosted me a short while ago.  
Happy reading everyone!

Purchase: Amazon

When Josephine takes her niece whale watching she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Their little catamaran becomes the target of a wicked 19th century pirate called Captain Bloody who uses a magical device to plunder seafaring vessels from the future and use their technologies to make people in his own time think he’s a god.
  Josephine finds herself on a black-sailed Galleon in the wrong time, surrounded by bloodthirsty pirates and the captive of Captain Bloody who has taken her as his share of the ‘booty’.
  But before Josephine can say yo-ho-ho captain Bloody’s nemesis, the infamous Captain Breakheart crashes through the cabin window and steals her for himself!
  Now Josephine must team up with the pirate to find the magical device that will get her back to her own time to save her niece- that’s if she can survive the many dangers of their journey and resist the charms of the dashing captain Breakheart!

  Ever since I learnt to read, I could always be found with my nose in a book--even when I was supposed to be doing something else!
  I love the magic of stories, love following the twists and turns, love getting to know the strange and wonderful characters and experiencing their stories with them.
  I remember a poster stuck to my bedroom wall when I was a kid. A wizard in splendid, purple robes was summoning a dragon in an explosion of red and gold flames. In a way, writers are wizards, summoning stories and souls from the wilderness of their imagination.
  I live in Australia where I write and read and marvel at the blueness of the sky.


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