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Monday, December 3, 2012

Call on The Dead Club by Lorrie Unites-Struiff

Here’s the beginning of the wild, funny, adventures of Winnie Krapski and the COD Club.

(Cover here)

Her first two stories are included in the first download. There will be more out soon.
Winnie is a spunky older woman who gets into deep trouble with her new gift. She’s a spook-speaker. How she gets the “gift” and how she keeps her solemn oath of granting the dead one last reasonable request before the casket lid is closed make for some real hustle and imaginative thinking on her part.

Oh, if she’d only come up with less imaginative ways, she might not face death so many times, or get into hilarious, awkward

Who else could get arrested by the police, tip a body out of a casket, get chased by bank robbers, get mixed up with the FBI, follow cheating husbands and steal money? And all in the first download. Get your copy soon and enjoy our quirky Winnie’s adventures.

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