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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interview with MJ O'Shea, author of A little Bite of Magic! #FMBAuthor

Holly: I am delighted to be speaking with author MJ O'Shea today. Thanks for chatting with us today MJ and welcome to FMB!
To start, could you tell readers a little bit about your current re-release, A little Bite of Magic?
MJ O'Shea: A Little Bite of Magic is light and funny. The story is about a witch, Frankie, who's the black sheep of an old magic family. All he wants to do is become a chef and never deal with his family again. He opens a small restaurant, and almost by accident, he starts to charm the food to make his patrons feel happy. He meets the world's most uptight restaurant critic, Addison, and they fall in love.  Frankie finds a family in Addison. A person who can accept him for who he is and Addison finds a way to see magic in the world.

Holly: What was your inspiration for A little Bite of Magic?
MJ O'Shea: I wanted to do something funny and cute with witches along the lines of Bewitched. I love cooking too so I figured it would be fun to put them together. The idea of the bumbling black sheep witch mixed with an uptight human worked for me from the start!
Holly: Did anything change in the re-release from the original release?
MJ O'Shea: I did a LOT of editing with LooseId, and we enhanced the ending quite a bit.
Holly: What is your favorite part of a book to write?
MJ O'Shea: Of this book? The FOOD descriptions:) and I think it varies per book. One I just recently finished had a bunch of very suggestive tweets in it. I laughed forever writing those.
Holly: Has a review ever changed your perspective on your work?
MJ O'Shea: No, I actually try not to read reviews too much to be honest. It can either grow your head or make you feel like giving up. Most of us can't afford either one of those things. It's best just to keep going and hope people like what you write.
Holly: What are some ways in which you promote your work?  Do you find that these add to or detract from your writing time?
MJ O'Shea: I do interviews, blog tours, talk to readers and other authors on facebook and twitter. Sure, it detracts from writing time, because time is time, but it's just as important to be out there talking about your work and getting to know the people in the genre. It's all part of being part of a community, which writers and readers are. 
Holly: Has being published changed you at all? If so, how?
MJ O'Shea: Other than having two jobs instead of one? Not much:) I do tend to look at things as potential story elements more, but I don't let that keep me from experiencing things. 
Holly: What place would you love to visit?
MJ O'Shea: Oh, wow, pretty much everywhere! Ireland of course, I've never been there. Anywhere warm with a pretty beach. I love old places too. Anywhere with history.
Holly: Which room in your home would you say is your favorite?
MJ O'Shea: That's a tough one. My guest room right now. I just redecorated it:) I'm never really in there myself though. I spend the most time in my office and I love my bedroom too.
Holly: If you could be invisible for one hour, what would you do and where would you go?
MJ O'Shea: Hmmm, not sure. Sneak behind stage at some awesome concert and watch the band? :)
Holly: Other than a money tree, what kind of tree would you like to have growing in your yard?
MJ O'Shea: Haha I remember when I was little, I wanted a tree that grew My Little Ponies. I think I'm over that one now:) I think the best thing I could have more of is time:) So a tree that grew time would be great!
Holly: What is the best advice that anyone ever gave you?
MJ O'Shea: I would have to say that it was not to worry what other people thought about me. I was still me no matter what they thought, so worrying about it wouldn't change anything other than to make me unhappy.
Holly: Is there a particular author that you must run out and grab their next release to read?
MJ O'Shea: Dan Brown always. And other than her newest one I've read off of JK Rowling's books the day they come out:)
Holly: Can you tell us a little about your upcoming works?
MJ O'Shea: I have lots of things going on! Two books this spring from Dreamspinner Press. One called Finding Shelter, which is the third and final Rock Bay book. Also, I have one coming out called Catch My Breath, which is another band book but this time instead of my usual rockstars, we have a boyband. It had to be done:) I'm writing a lot of things now too...A spin off in the same world as A Little Bite of Magic, a sequel to my sci-fi Dark Sun, and a few contemporary rom-coms as well.
Holly: Is there anything that you’d like to say to your readers?
MJ O'Shea: Thanks for reading my books!! I'm grateful for all the wonderful comments and emails and I'll keep coming up with more for you to read as long as you want to read it:)
Holly: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for us today MJ!

A Little Bite of Magic (Little Magic #1) by M.J. O'Shea

Frankie lives on the West Coast, as far from his family in Louisiana as he can get. He is a witch and a chef, and he likes to use a little magic once in a while is his creations to make people feel good. Except he isn’t a very good witch, and sometimes, well, he messes up a spell. Or casts a spell—when he wasn’t expecting to.

Addison is a food critic. His editor likes the way he writes snarky columns of the restaurants he visits. Addison doesn’t really mind—until he visits Frankie’s restaurant and falls in love with the food. Only his editor won’t let him write up a “nice” review. And it doesn’t help matters that Addison ends up meeting Frankie at a bar, they fall for each other, and Addison’s bad, snarky review of Frankie’s food hangs over their heads. Oh, and Addison is engaged. Only he isn’t interested in Julia. Doesn’t even love her. But when he finally falls in love with Frankie and lets Julia know their engagement is off, she doesn’t want to take no for an answer.

And their families are equally hard to please. Addison’s mother doesn’t want to believe that her son is gay—or bi—and Frankie’s witch family is determined to bring him back home to Louisiana and his rightful place in the witch coven. Which Frankie doesn’t want anything to do with.

This cute, sexy, little romp with a smidgeon of magic and fey wine mixed in is a delightful, coming-out story for Addison. Cute, quirky, and quaint.



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